Integrating Aid and Emergency Response

World Vision used ArcGIS Online to prioritize and track the distribution of aid to more than 700,000 people in the Philippines that were affected by Typhoon Haiyan. Read more

Hurricane Arthur Versus Data Visualization Supplies Riddle

ArcGIS is Direct Relief’s tool of choice for publishing geographic information like maps of hurricane preparedness partners in the southeastern US as well as Haiti, Jamaica, and Central America. Read more

Explore Every Tornado across the US Since 1980

Take a closer look at every recorded hurricane from 1980 to 2012. Explore each storm’s track and EF rating, distance traveled, and impact in terms of both injuries and monetary costs. Read more

How Politics Buries Science in Landslide Mapping

Explore landslide susceptibility in the United States and learn more about the populations that live in areas determined to be most at risk. 84 million people are believed to live in vulnerable areas. Read more

Intelligent Emergency Management in St. Louis County

St. Louis County uses GIS to map siren coverage and spatially plan all the details involved in creating an up-to-date network. The county was able to improve siren coverage while coming in more than $2 million under budget. Read more

Colorado DHSEM

The Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management (DHSEM) used ArcGIS Online to quickly collect data and coordinate activities during its response to historic flooding in Colorado. Read more

Lessons from America’s Biggest Disasters and Emergencies

Public officials who’ve been at the center of response and recovery efforts reminisce about what went wrong and right, what works and what doesn’t, and how their experiences might be useful for others. Read more

Consortium Tests Tools for Earthquake Response

GIS was instrumental in the recent CAPSTONE-14 multistate earthquake exercise that emphasized collaboration and information sharing among jurisdictions during a disaster response event. Read more

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