Transform your public relations.

Keep your constituents safe by clearly communicating with them during an emergency. Maps are key in helping the public easily understand active risk areas, road closures, and evacuation orders. Inspire public confidence in your response by providing continuously updated information that shows how you’re doing everything possible to maintain public safety.

"I know from my perspective as an executive, trying to make literally life-and-death decisions in the middle of a disaster response, the best thing that I can get is good intelligence."

Jonathon Monken, Director of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency



Keep citizens out of harm’s way with interactive maps that show active hazards, secure zones, and evacuation areas.


Turn the public into a series of sensors with maps that pull in social media and reports from your constituents.


Disseminate the latest information to reduce public uncertainty, promote transparency, and highlight your response efforts.


ArcGIS for Emergency Management

Leverage the free templates in ArcGIS for Emergency Management to quickly disseminate accurate, real-time information to the public using maps. Build focused apps that collect crowdsourced information to give you a more accurate view of the situation on the ground.

Learn more about ArcGIS for Emergency Management.

Collector for ArcGIS

Collect information from responders in the field to provide the public with the most current information possible. Whether you’re mapping the most current fire perimeters or damaged infrastructure and structures, Collector for ArcGIS enables you to immediately update your online maps with reports from the field.

Learn more about Collector for ArcGIS.

ArcGIS Online

Create dynamic, public-facing maps that provide updated information to your community. Use templates like the Public Information Map to document active hazards, evacuation areas, shelter locations, and live information from social media. And the best part? Your maps can be viewed on virtually any device, anywhere.

Learn more about ArcGIS Online.

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