Getting back to normal.

Your job isn’t done once the dust settles. The same Esri technology that helps orchestrate response and public information will help you map damage in your community and coordinate recovery efforts. Identify damaged infrastructure, affected populations, and the total impact of incidents on your community so you can get back to normal faster than you could before. Then use the information you’ve gathered during your response and recovery efforts to better plan and prepare for future events.



Take stock of the damage in your community and see which people and structures were most affected.


Empower crews with the ability to document damage to buildings, roadways, and other structures directly from the field.


Prioritize the areas that need attention most after an incident and track your repair progress through interactive maps.


ArcGIS for Emergency Management

Quickly stand up recovery maps and apps with the free templates included in ArcGIS for Emergency Management. Don’t spend your time trying to create interactive apps to track cleanup and repairs. Take advantage of focused apps designed specifically for your mission.

Learn more about ArcGIS for Emergency Management.

ArcGIS Online

Create dynamic, public-facing maps that provide updated information to your community. Use templates like the Public Information Map to document active hazards, evacuation areas, shelter locations, and live information from social media. And the best part? Your maps can be viewed on virtually any device, anywhere.

See how ArcGIS Online provided critical information during the Napa earthquake.

Collector for ArcGIS

From documenting damaged transformers to identifying red- and yellow-tagged buildings, your staff can use the free Collector for ArcGIS app on Android or iOS smartphones to record conditions in the field. Take pictures and collect detailed information about structures or equipment, whether you’re within cell range or not.

Explore Collector for ArcGIS.

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