The EA program offers a lower cost per unit and provides many benefits including

  • Capacity to deploy uncapped quantities of core Esri products, which eliminates the time-consuming process of justifying each GIS software purchase.
  • Encourages widespread GIS application development for more efficient operations.
  • Reduction in administrative costs, because EAs generally require only one payment per year, resulting in substantially lower procurement expenses. Additionally, administrative costs can shrink as a result of centralized coordination and management of software distribution, support, services, and training.
  • Ability to capitalize a greater part of GIS investments by reducing short-term GIS operating expenses.
  • Access to updated versions of ArcGIS software for a consistent platform.
  • Flexible deployments to desktops, servers, and mobile devices.
  • Opportunities to consolidate GIS and IT initiatives, establish internal standards, and integrate Esri business partner solutions.
  • Incorporate GIS into mission-critical applications and workflows