GIS for Environmental Management

Harmful Substances

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EPA's NEPAssist application uses Esri technology to help simplify the process of filing and reviewing environmental impact statements and environmental assessments.

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How Is GIS Being Used?

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Emergency Response

Developing an emergency management program requires the analysis of risks and hazards to determine operations necessary to reduce exposure, respond effectively, and recover quickly. Geographic information systems (GIS) is a complete information system for analyzing, modeling, and displaying community vulnerability. Models based off of hazardous locations can determine potential impacts and mitigation requirements. When events occur, response preparedness is more comprehensive.

Solid Waste Management

GIS provides services that improve chemical safety. Software allows specialist to develop and maintain service routes, manage requests for service, and perform trend analysis and strategic planning.


Regulators use GIS for studying risk, designing strategies and policies, and building capacity. As chemical management plans and legislation standards become more complex so do compliance and application processes. GIS supports regulatory compliance by integrating workflows, updating information, and generating reports. Use GIS to communicate, prioritize, raise awareness, maximize efficiency of decision making, and allow for prompt implementation.

Use GIS to manage
  • Risk analysis of vulnerable hazardous substance areas.
  • Potential impacts
  • Mitigation requirements
  • Response operations to
    • Create best routes for responders and citizens
    • Prioritize needs and coordinate action
    • Study post disaster impact

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