GIS for Environmental Management

Invasive Species

Tree height values in infrared are displayed as points created from the digital imagery. ArcGIS 3D Analyst is used to identify tree canopies that put power lines at risk.

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Conservation GIS

The Society for Conservation GIS supports the use of GIS and science for conservation of natural resources and cultural change.

Scientists use GIS to develop models to predict the spread of species along pathways such as rivers and other natural corridors. By cross-studying biological and geographic data, you can research native habitats, monitor invasive species, evaluate their impact, and design plans for counteractivities and invasion prevention.

GIS helps you manage invasive species by visualizing
  • Vegetation species inventory maps
  • Land-cover maps to compare over time
  • Landscape characterization maps
  • Topographical to species maps
  • Treatment zones and calendars
  • Vegetation treatment work orders and reports

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