Licensing Questions

Why should I purchase through the Esri Federal GSA Schedule?

Federal government clients realize many benefits from ordering Esri GIS software and services through the Esri Federal GSA Schedule. The administrative costs of placing a GSA schedule order are lower than open market contracting and purchasing. Esri and GSA have already determined the prices to be fair and reasonable, which takes the burden of price comparisons off individual agencies. For those agencies that require a contracting vehicle to be in place to purchase software and services, the GSA schedule offers federal government clients a quick and easy way to get Esri GIS software and services. Additional benefits include:

  • Minimal documentation requirements
  • Satisfaction of all FAR requirements including competition requirements
  • No synopsis requirements by purchasing agency
  • Acceptance of government credit cards
  • The best value for the customer
  • No need to sign separate software license agreements for end users

How do I find out what products and services are on the Esri Federal GSA Schedule?

To download a copy of the Esri Federal GSA Price List, Terms and Conditions, or Pricing, please complete the following registration form to obtain a password. The Esri Federal GSA Price List is available for download in a zipped PDF format.

If you forget your password, submit your e-mail address. If you have any questions, contact your account representative or send an e-mail to

How do I order from the Esri Federal GSA Schedule?

Contact Telebusiness at 1-800-447-9778 or contact the Esri federal team.

What is a modification to the Federal GSA Schedule?

The original Esri federal GSA contract was entered into on March 11, 1998. In an effort to keep the price list as current as possible with new software products, upgrades, and so forth, requests for modification to the original contract are submitted for approval on a regular basis. The first modification was approved on July 21, 1998.