Open government to strengthen democracy.

When you open government information, citizens and government can have a common picture of the intelligence that drives decisions across the nation. Using Esri GIS to make your agency more transparent and accountable improves citizen engagement and elevates democracy. New geospatial technology allows stakeholders to access information and collaborate online as never before.



Make government information available with web maps and open data. Provide accountability, foster innovation, and empower people with information.


Improve productivity and communication when you share data and apps internally and with the public.


Put your geographic data online with GIS. You’ll give citizens the information they need in a geographic context that helps it all make sense.


ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online gives governments a simple way to share data, create web maps and apps, and collaborate anywhere using desktop, browsers, smartphones or tablets. Ready-to-use content and templates help you get started.

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ArcGIS Open Data

ArcGIS Open Data allows you to create your own custom data website in minutes. This solution includes interactive maps and gives the public an easy way to find, download, and use your open government data.

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ArcGIS for Server

ArcGIS for Server makes GIS available to everyone in a government organization to improve operations, services, decision making, and citizen engagement. Make it simple for people to share and consume data.

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