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From urban to wilderness to marine, emergency medical services (EMS) and search and rescue (SAR) teams navigate an array of environments to accomplish the mission. The foundation to every EMS and SAR team's success is a map. From visualizing terrain to delivering a comprehensive view of unit locations, interactive maps create a common operating picture. Use the Esri platform to deploy responders; analyze location data; and manage clues, team status, and essential operational data.



Analyze critical information while responding to an incident to deliver faster, safer, and smarter deployment.


Coordinate search and medical response efforts by deploying resources to the right place.


Track clues and predict behavior to get victims to safety faster. Ensure trained personnel are assigned at any given time for EMS.


ArcGIS Platform

The ArcGIS platform can help meet the increasing demands and challenges fire, rescue, or EMS agencies face every day. Use intelligent online maps and useful apps to create, organize, and share public safety information and tools with anyone. These apps run on desktops, the web, smartphones, and tablets.

Learn more about the ArcGIS platform.

ArcGIS Online

Give everyone in your organization the power to quickly visualize and analyze incident and risk data in the cloud. Configure your ArcGIS Online site with a ready-to-use implementation solution for your rescue or EMS organization. Communicate with your community by creating public-facing maps that show how they can stay safe when an incident occurs.

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ArcGIS for Local Government Fire Service Solution

The fire service solution within ArcGIS for Local Government consists of a series of mapping applications and models designed for fire service, by the fire service. These applications and jump-start templates are based on industry standards and designed to get you up and running fast. From preplanning and hydrant inspections to wall maps and plume modeling, these templates get you the results you need to do the work you signed up to do. Analyze risk; develop pre-incident plans; and improve response activities that protect human life, property, and natural resources in your community.

Explore the ArcGIS for Local Government fire service solution.

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