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Get Connected

Get connected with other GIS users in forestry to share ideas and information.

Esri Forestry Conference

Attend the Esri Forestry GIS Conference and learn from experts and foresters how you can use GIS for

  • Forest assessment
  • Forest health
  • Forest planning
  • Sustainable practices
  • Wildfire management
  • Federal and state compliance
  • Business projections
  • Revenue opportunities

This 3-day conference is a total immersion experience for foresters, land managers, and GIS users.

Esri Forestry Group (EFG)

The Esri Forestry Group provides opportunities for land managers, timber managers, and forestry specialists to share information, ideas, and experiences about Esri technology in the forestry industry.

By joining the EFG, you benefit from the collaboration and personal inspiration of your peers. Esri supports your group interaction through conferences, meetings, and user forums.

Join the Esri Forest Group to

  • Build the forestry community network.
  • Attend meetings and webinars.
  • Esri Forestry Group Officers

    President—Mark Books, a remote-sensing/GIS forester for Colorado State University’s Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands

    Vice President—Elizabeth Martinez, director of GIS and IT for the Forestland Group, a timber investment management organization (TIMO)

    Email EFG Officers at:

  • Follow geospatial technology trends.
  • Get forestry GIS news.
  • Share your successful GIS projects.

Online Community

Connect with your fellow community online and join the conversations.

Discussion Forums

Participating in the Forestry User Discussion Forum gives you a peer-to-peer network to discuss your technical challenges.

Need More Info?

If you have more questions about the Esri Forestry Group, contact our industry experts.

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