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Connect with Esri and its partners for expert knowledge of how GIS works with your business. Together, we'll help you integrate the technology, products, and services to meet your needs.

Organizations that manage private or public timberlands can benefit from using Esri and partner GIS solutions to reduce the cost of planning, determine the highest and best use (HBU) of land, manage real estate developments, improve growing sites, and more.

Featured Solutions

Advanced Forest Resource Inventory Decision Support System (AFRIDS) from Lim Geomatics allow users to tap into the power of lidar and remotely sensed imagery to ensure that “the right wood gets to the right mill at the right time.”  Available as a desktop or web-based program, AFRIDS provides forest managers with industry-leading tools for utilizing LIDAR forest inventories.

Lim Geomatics specializes in the production of value-added geospatial information products from remotely sensed data, such as lidar, in support of the natural resources industry and the delivery of these products through innovate GIS solutions.

SGF, the Forest Management System from INFLOR Consultoria e Sistemas is an integrated system for operations management and forestry decision support tool designed to plan and manage forestry activities. INFLOR Consultoria e Sistemas is the market leader for forest management systems and an SAP ERP provider. Its structure is designed to deal with different forestry business models and includes support for labor, equipment, manufacturing facilities and different ways of managing and production technologies.

The system plans and controls all stages of formation and maintenance of forests by monitoring the physical variables of production, as well as the financial figures involved. Thus, it is possible to work with cost scenarios, calculate and determine operational efficiency and set targets and indicators for measuring performance and productivity.

The Woodstock Modeling and Remsoft Analytics Platform from Remsoft is a leading solution for complex planning, scheduling and decision optimization. Remsoft is successfully implemented in a number of industries including forestry, environment and transportation asset management.

For almost 20 years, Remsoft has stood apart in applying linear-programming and optimization technology to strategic and tactical planning problems. Remsoft continues to provide a competitive advantage for its growing and diverse user community.


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