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Land managers need to access the right data at the right time, evaluate it, and take action. Use Esri and partner solutions to effectively manage agreements, land records, and real estate. Use a map interface to quickly locate relevant and current information such as land access agreements, adjacent land holders, acquisitions, and appraisals.

Featured Solutions

Land Investment Technical Analysis Service (LITASsm) from Orbis GIS, Inc. is used for performing technical due diligence prior to acquiring large, multi-parcel timberland, and farmland. LITASsm is a web application hosted through a secure web portal.  Orbis’ LITASsm has been recommended and approved to provide the most comprehensive land acquisition tool in the timberland industry.

Hunt Lease (Recreational Lease Management System), also from Orbis, is a turn-key solution which supports the organization and administration of hunting lease operations. Hunt Lease is a web-based application that gives land owners a turn-key administration system as well as providing end-users with comprehensive lease management tools for streamlined execution of contracts.

LINK NXG from Pro-West & Associates, Inc. is web-based GIS solution that centralizes geospatial data and connects documents, databases, images, reports, legacy systems (permitting, CIS, CMMS), CAMA, and tax and document imaging systems. The application is designed to allow staff and the public to query, review, map, and analyze data from any legacy system within the client’s infrastructure as well as any external source from which map services could be consumed. The application is intuitive so that only minimal training is required. LINKNXG is scalable, extensible, and easily secured so that access to sensitive data can be allowed or denied by system administrators.


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