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Connect with Esri and its partners for expert knowledge of how GIS works with your business. Together, we'll help you integrate the technology, products, and services to meet your needs.

With Esri and its partners, increase returns on manufacturing investments by improving communications between the mill, corporate managers, supply chain customers, woodyard supervisors, and foresters. Create a common operation picture for coordinating production and distribution activities.  Monitor facilities and operations in real-time including production levels, down time, and costs.

Featured Solutions

GEONIS from Geocom Informatik AG is a leading GIS solution for infrastructure management. GEONIS is 100% based on the Esri platform and supports the latest ArcGIS releases. GEONIS is an encompassing solution to manage business processes and the flow of information in the context of industrial plants. GEONIS is integrated into corporate IT to provide an enterprise information system. GEONIS can be integrated into service oriented architecture (SOA). GEONIS is a business intelligence solution designed for industrial plant management.

Geocom covers the entire life cycle of a GIS system: from business and process analysis to system requirements, and IT architecture to operation.

SyncroTESS from INFORM GmbH is and enterprise level planning and logistics decision-making solution. The system is used as add-on to existing ERP/CRM-Systems taking over the full logistics control whilste letting the ERP/CRM taking care of the admin and processing duties. SyncroTESS contains sophisticated real-time resource management features. Its planning modules are targeting strategic decision making – supported by simulation and scenario management capabilities – as well as operational medium and short term planning features.

INFORM specializes in intelligent planning and logistics decision-making software, based on Operations Research. These are best-of-breed solutions that add on to existing IT systems.


  • InVision FM from PenBay Solutions is used to manage complex facilities at the landscape level.
  • ARCHIBUS Facilities and Real Estate Management Software Version 20
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