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Connect with Esri and its partners for expert knowledge of how GIS works with your business. Together, we'll help you integrate the technology, products, and services to meet your needs.

A healthy forest is good for business. With ArcGIS and Esri partners monitor forest health and calculate loss caused by pests, disease, and invasive species.  Understand ecosystem relationships and use remote imagery to analyze the impact of land use change and deforestation. Create cost models that calculate the impact of forest pests, drought, and wildfire. Prioritize and keep forest restoration projects on task.

Featured Solutions

Blue Raster LLC provides dynamic web and mapping solutions that help clients use the power of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to achieve their missions. For over a decade, government, business and non-profit organizations have relied on Blue Raster for a broad range of GIS services, including spatial database development, custom web and mobile mapping applications, spatial analysis, business mapping, Cloud deployment, data conversion, consulting, and training.

SimCLIM for ArcGIS is a climate change Add-in for ArcGIS from CLIMsystems Limited. With six SRES scenarios and 21 GCM patterns to choose from, the flexibility for climate modeling is enormous. Variables include precipitation, minimum, maximum and mean temperature as well as additional variables depending on the downloaded study area.

The SimCLIM Add-in, which is an easy to use tool for ArcGIS, brings the big data of general circulation models (GCM) for climate change modeling to the Esri community. The innovative methods for data processing applied by CLIMsystems allows for the delivery of high quality spatial data to the end user community.
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