GIS for Gas


Asset Management for Utilities [VIDEO]

  • Experts from Esri, Accenture, and Impress Software examine the trends causing utilities to rethink operations and how leading companies are taking a new approach to asset management—an integrated SAP-Esri approach—to achieve operational excellence while improving the experience of their customers.

Critical Infrastructure [VIDEO]

  • GIS manages and emphasizes critical infrastructures
  • ArcGIS Schematics generates diagrams containing multiple networks based on multiple geometric network (electrical and water)
  • Identify where the critical infrastructures are at risk

Esri ArcGIS ArcGlobe Storm Management Project
Demo 1 | Demo 2 [VIDEO]

  • View real-time and historical data
  • Model drive time, population, and facility data
  • Explore vegetation management data

Value of GIS [VIDEO]

  • Utility company leaders discuss the value of Enterprise GIS.

User Stories: GIS Technology for Your Enterprise [VIDEO]

  • Energy users describe the benefits of GIS.

IT Standards, GIS Software Development, and the Utility Industry [VIDEO]

  • How Esri software development adheres to Information Technology Standards.

Esri at GITA [VIDEO]

  • Energy Utilities describe their use of Esri technology.

Risk Assessment with GIS [VIDEO]

  • Using GIS to locate threats and at-risk facilities
  • Using geocoding tools in ArcGIS StreetMap to establish a concern point
  • Analyzing hazard potential within a radius of the concern point

How to Implement GIS [VIDEO]

  • Best practices for GIS professionals.

ArcPad Public Works [VIDEO]

  • Field tasks are made easy for Public Works by the use of ArcPad.

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