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2012 Officers
  • President
    Theo Laughner,
    Tennessee Valley Authority
    2012 President Letter
  • Vice President
    Wayne Meyer,
  • Conference Chair
    John Ziakas,
    Questar Gas Company
    EGUG Charter [PDF]
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The Electric and Gas User Group (EGUG) is an active community of people dedicated to sharing information, ideas, and experiences about Esri technology in the electric and gas industry.

By joining EGUG, you benefit from intellectual collaboration with and personal inspiration of your peers. Discuss challenges about GIS in the electric and gas industry with users from around the world, as well as Esri staff.

International Community

The Middle-East and Africa Utility User Group is an active community of utility professionals to discuss challenges about GIS with users in Middle East and Africa.


Every year during the fall, EGUG members meet at the Esri Electric and Gas GIS Conference to share ideas. This event is hosted by a different member utility each year and draws a wide range of users from small municipal utilities to large global utilities.

The annual Esri International User Conference offers you opportunities to present your work and be part of a worldwide community.


Get GIS tips and industry best practices from our recorded webinar series.

Discussion Forum

The Electric and Gas Utilities Forum is an online bulletin board where you can discuss important topics and issues related to EGUG.

Online Community

Connect with your fellow community online and join the conversations.

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For more information about EGUG, contact our industry experts.

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