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GIS provides a scalable framework for a common operating picture using geography to correlate and fuse information. Workflows and applications are supported including space planning, construction management work requests, utility and asset planning, and emergency response.

Space and Move Management

Occupancy and move management, space optimization and rationalization, departmental grouping and/or distribution are all business processes best served by a visual interface. GIS allows these workflows to span multiple floors, buildings, campuses, and regions, to organize resources to produce the greatest productivity.

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Maintenance and Work Order Management

GIS facilitates work order and maintenance management by providing analysis of and planning for the impact of construction, materials warehousing, and traffic as well as efficient resource allocation and materials sourcing.

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Energy and Sustainability

Building automation systems can be effective tools to address sustainability issues but also produce a dizzying amount of information that needs to be assimilated and managed in order to be effective. GIS provides a platform for real-time visual access to this information from an intuitively comprehensible view of the building, campus or regional portfolio map.

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Los Angeles County is encouraging people to install solar energy systems. The LA County Solar Map is an online map service that provides solar value analysis for commercial and residential buildings in the county, helping property owners make informed solar installation decisions.

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