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Safety and Security

Safety and security, both physical and environmental, are areas of increasing importance and increasingly regulated.  Planning, management and compliance of these areas are made more efficient with GIS.

Safety and Environmental Health

Environmental health and safety are of increasing concern in buildings and campuses of all sizes. GIS provides a visual way to analyze and manage safety including monitoring of a myriad of environmental indicators.

Success Stories

Emergency Management

Disaster planning and business continuity require the identification of backup sites, employee locations, and critical infrastructure. GIS allows managers to determine where things are and how to best allocate and relocate resources to and from the affected locations including running "what if" scenarios in a rapidly changing environment.

Physical Security/ATFP

The physical safety and security of buildings and their occupants is of paramount importance in today’s environment.  GIS provides a visual way to analyze and manage safety and security including line of sight analysis, monitoring of points of entry, and tracking areas of higher than average safety issues.

Featured Case Study

Hill Air Force Base (AFB) used ArcGIS and thermal infrared radiation (IR) imagery to identify failing roofing and utilities.

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