Templates for Facilities

These ArcGIS platform-based templates can be used by anyone to create, view, and use intelligent maps as well as upload and style geographic data. Maps can be created for sharing on the Internet, on any mobile device including smartphones, and embedded into web-based applications.

Three templates are available to integrate facilities data into one standard format, apply cartographic rules to the data so it is easy to view and understand, and make the data easily accessible to others in your organizations.

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The Facilities Group with maps, applications, and best practices, created by Esri, can be found on ArcGIS Online.

Campus Templates

Campus Basemap Template

Publish high-quality basemaps with your own content. This gives you a consistent geographic context in which to share data and provide applications and services to users. Reference information includes buildings, parking areas, and sidewalks.

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Campus Place Locator Template

This template is a configuration of ArcGIS Server and a JavaScript application that allows employees, students and visitors to locate people and places on a campus or within a single building.

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Campus Editing Template

Provides an editing environment, including a toolbar and workflows for managing building, interior space, and related exterior campus data allowing you to streamline the collection, maintenance, and use of asset information.

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