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Imagery is more than just a picture and is some of the most informative geographic data available. As the source of the most accurate, authoritative imagery in the world, the federal government is uniquely equipped to use and share these valuable resources. By leveraging imagery in GIS, agencies can manage, visualize, analyze, and share all geospatial information from one comprehensive platformmaking smarter decisions.



See the ways imagery in GIS helps enhance visualization, perform richer analysis, collaborate and share and make smarter decisions.

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ArcGIS Online image services

These image services provide quick and simple access to large collections of multi-resolution, multi-source imagery data.

Data appliance for ArcGIS

The Data Appliance delivers terabytes of imagery, much of the same imagery that is available through ArcGIS Online, on a network attached storage device that can be installed securely behind your organization’s firewall.

ArcGIS Online world imagery basemap

This map service provides natural color imagery for the world and high-resolution imagery for the United States and other areas around the world.

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