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2014 Esri Health GIS Conference

Join us at the Esri Health and Human Service 2014 Conference
How GIS creates a better prescription for health

Genetics + Lifestyle + Environment = Risks

Use an interactive map to see how your environment can provide important information about your health and watch Bill Davenhall's talk from TEDMED. Learn More

Spatial Epidemiology

Este Geraghty, UC Davis, discusses how GIS can help health providers understand and manage disease.
Listen to the Podcast

Mapping Your Health

Watch Bill Davenhall talk about Geomedicine on Microsoft's Health Tech Today. Learn More

Students and researchers who apply an ArcGIS-based spatial outlook to research and health delivery add measurable value to the goal of improving human health.

Fluency in Esri technology is a benefit to the entire health and human services workforce including nurses, physicians, health administrators, public health professionals, social workers, and researchers. Professional programs that teach or practice ArcGIS applications in health are often offered in medical, public health, or research settings.

GIS Courses in Health

Build your career with university GIS courses and programs in health and human services.


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