How does your environment impact your personal health? Geomedicine produces a new type of medical intelligence that leverages national spatial data infrastructures to benefit personal human health and improve the quality of the care medical professionals deliver.

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Bill Davenhall TED

Hear about my personal health "train wreck" and the underlying environmental factors in my place history that may have contributed to it.

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Bill Davenhall

Bill Davenhall has worked in the health and human service field since the early seventies, during which time he has directed many different initiatives that involve the progressive use of information systems within healthcare and human service delivery organizations. Davenhall is a frequent speaker and writer and is well known as one of the leading advocates for the use of GIS to help solve the challenges in health and human services. He earned a master's degree focused on medical behavioral science research from the University of Kentucky (USA). Davenhall is the global manager of Esri's Health and Human Service Solutions Group at its headquarters in Redlands, California.
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