Focused Solutions for Health and Human Services

By combining geography with proven data management practices, the ArcGIS platform gives you more insight into your organization to help you maintain operational awareness, meet demands, and stay within budget. Esri has developed solutions to better connect your organization and the communities you serve through the use of GIS technology.

Location Insight Elevates Your Strategy

Health care systems face the same demands as any other business—they need to make informed decisions that lead to better performance and outcomes. Organizations that excel at this use a location strategy to see their business from a different perspective and glean insight that helps drive growth. See how this solution can help you have a localized approach.

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Get in Front of the Opioid Crisis

With ArcGIS, your organization can perform powerful location-based analytics on any data. Create and execute your strategy with GIS that will help you visualize your information to make data-driven decisions as well as provide the ability to change direction as needed. See how this solution can help you get a better understanding of your data.

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Vector-Borne Disease Surveillance & Control Solution

Using the ArcGIS platform, Public Health professionals can combat the spread of vector-borne disease through prevention and surveillance. Explore how our focused planning offer helps to protect populations and reduce the number of those affected by vector-borne diseases.

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Mobile Data Collection Solution

With intelligent mapping and survey tools, your organization can do more with the data you collect in the field. Modernize your approach to licensing and inspection of foster care, child welfare facilities, restaurants, and wells as well as homeless point-in-time count and environmental scans. See how these solutions can help you quickly get the results you need.

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