UK GIS Model Predicts Pothole Occurrence

Lincolnshire County in the United Kingdom is saving money on potholes. A UK university developed a GIS model that predicts where potholes will frequently reoccur in roads. Read more

Idaho Transportation Department Connects Field Crews with ArcGIS Online

To connect field crews across Iowa's many remote landscapes, the Iowa Transportation Department (ITD) unified. In a two-phase rollout of mobile technology, the department reduced paper waste and error and enhanced communication across spectacular mountains, gorges, and nine national forests. Read more

Illinois Takes the Toll Out of Tollways with Online Map

Paying your missed tolls in Illinois just got easier, thanks to the Department of Transportation's public-facing missed-toll map. Now you can hop online, estimate your dues, and pay promptly to avoid extra fees. Read more

Michigan DOT Avoids Costly Reviews with Lane Mile Inventory

Michigan Department of Transportation (DOT) solves the riddle of accurate lane-mile totals amid ongoing projects. Its innovative Lane Mile Inventory (LMI) simplifies cost-per-lane-mile comparisons and facilitates internal and contractor communication. Read more

Utah DOT's Data and Planning Tools Provide a Guide to the Future and Power of Network-Level Asset Data

Utah's DOT won acclaim from the federal DOT for its web-based GIS initiative. The UPlan program pulled formerly hoarded data out of the state's divisional silos and transformed how efficiently the department acts on data. Read more