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Managing modern roadways is a complex business. From computerized traffic control systems and incident and safety management systems to effective capital improvement planning and maintenance activities, highway managers must draw on a wide array of technologies to effectively manage today’s roadways. That is where transportation professionals the world over have discovered that a comprehensive geographic information system can help them integrate agency-wide information to achieve better operational efficiencies and results.

Featured Solutions

Traffic Analyst from Rapids is a transportation planning extension for ArcGIS providing a geoprocessing toolbox of advanced calculation modules that turns ArcGIS into a fully functional transportation planning system. A wide range of transportation models can be built using the geoprocessing framework and Traffic Analyst in combination. Traffic Analyst also includes editing tools for detailed public transport data based on timetables.

Cube from Citilabs combines the latest in Citilabs technologies for the forecasting of personal travel. Cube Voyager uses a modular and script-based structure that allows the incorporation of any model methodology ranging from standard four-step models to discrete choice- or activity-based approaches. Advanced methodologies provide junction-based capacity restraint for highway analysis and discrete choice multipath transit path building and assignment. Cube Voyager includes highly flexible network and matrix calculators for the calculation of travel demand and the detailed comparison of scenarios. Cube Voyager provides direct links to and from ArcGIS.

DREAMaps from Smart Data Strategies is an integrated software suite designed to more effectively manage the entire land data life cycle. The suite allows the land data manager to maintain property maps, update property databases, analyze property data, manage linked documents, and distribute data access. DREAMaps components are designed to make life easier for organizations that want to benefit from GIS without the necessity of a dedicated GIS department.

Maximo Asset Management from IBM Tivoli provides comprehensive asset life cycle and maintenance management for all asset types on a single unified platform. Maximo Spatial integrated with ArcGIS for Server allows organizations to gain insight across all their assets, conditions, and work processes for better planning and control.

Cityworks from Azteca Systems is a customer care, service request, and work order management system operating in more and more public works and utility departments. Data model independent, Cityworks can manage any features in a geodatabase: water, wastewater, storm water, streets, signs, traffic signals, parks, facilities, and much more. Cityworks software is powerful, flexible, and affordable and, most important, it is the only Esri GIS-centric solution for public works and utility departments available on the market today.

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