Creating a More Accurate Census of Homeless People in Aurora, CO

Using GIS, the City of Aurora was able to identify and record the location of over 100 people during the homeless point-in-time count Read more

Creating a Healthier Klamath County

Being ranked as the second to last county for health in Oregon caused Klamath County to take action. Read more

CBR: Microsoft joins with TomTom, HERE and Esri for connected cars and smart cities

The partnership aims to create a ‘world graph’, which could help power smart cities, enable IoT communications, along with transforming various industries and play a key role in transportation. Read more

Business Wire: IBM and Esri team up to offer cognitive analytics and IoT in the IBM cloud

At this year's IBM World of Watson event, Esri announced that it now works with IBM users and developers to broaden the customer experience by making Esri data and technology available in the IBM cloud... Read more

Statescoop: Waze, Esri bring 65 million traffic sensors to aspiring smart cities

A new partnership between Esri and interactive navigation app company Waze will facilitate sharing real-time transportation data with its citizens... Read more

Florida County Projects to Save $2 Million per Year with Digital Map Editing.

Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department provides clean drinking water and wastewater disposal services to more than 2.6 million residents, businesses, and visitors. An EPA mandated consent decree required more timely information into their GIS. Find out how they improved production and saved $2 Million per year a COTS solution. Read more