GIS for Schools

Demographics and Planning

GIS can help you discover patterns in school district demographics.

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Educational Licenses

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Administrative Applications

The demographics of a school district are constantly changing. Its population, composition, and distribution are tied to the larger geography where the district is located. These continuous shifts mean responding to both districtwide changes (such as total enrollment) as well as individual changes within the district (such as attendance at a particular school).

GIS is a valuable resource that helps you adapt to the ever-changing composition of schools and can help you:

  • Create maps of school facilities with various characteristics.
  • Geocode students by residential location and mapping SIS attributes.
  • Design attendance boundaries and perform other redistricting functions.
  • Analyze school facility capacities and needs related to community development.
  • Integrate demographics and facilities with other district departments and functions.

GIS in Action

Read case studies that show how administrators use GIS for demographics and planning.

Visit these user sites to see examples of demographics and planning applications:

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