GIS for Schools

Safety and Preparedness

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GIS helps you identify which schools may be threatened by potential flooding.

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Administrative Applications

School safety encompasses several activities—from protecting a student from school violence to planning for a natural or human-made disaster. Whether inside a single school building or across the district, GIS can help you save lives and property.

GIS provides an intelligent way to tackle the many dimensions of school safety, including planning, analysis, monitoring, response, and incident management. With GIS, you can:

  • Create school safety buffers, such as determining safe distances from buildings to assemble students.
  • Map and analyze the micro-geography of school buildings including floor plans, entrances, room assets, safety equipment, shelter, and threat locations.
  • Link student SIS data to school micro-geography and transportation services to understand student locations for different days and times.
  • Identify community hazards in relation to schools and bus stops.
  • Design community protection zones that display walking and driving distances to safe locations.
  • Establish geographically-enhanced weather and disaster notification systems that link to transportation services.

GIS in Action

Read case studies that show how administrators use GIS for safety and preparedness.

Find out more about GIS for public safety.

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