GIS for Schools


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Read the article
Students can explore ready-made map galleries on lots of topics.

What Is GIS

Read "What Is GIS" e-book.
Watch "A Map for Every Story" video.

Try GIS Yourself

Visit the Esri GIS Education Community for free web mapping, downloadable GIS software, and other resources.

Where’s the closest store? Where does your water come from? What parts of your community would you change? In what ways are the actions of people around you connected to the lives of others around the planet? All these questions deal with geography. Geography is more than countries and capitals, it’s about how things here relate to things over there.

A geographic information system allows you to investigate data, see it, and use it to answer questions. You can use these tools to study things from a single cell to the cosmos and topics from farming to climate change, local law enforcement to global health issues, and biodiversity to the location of a new computer store.

Youth Groups

4-H, scouting, and other youth clubs around the world are expanding their classroom learning, career opportunities, and community involvement with GIS. Join in the fun!

GIS in Action

  • Watch videos showing how GIS managers, conservationists, helicopter pilots, and health researchers use GIS.
  • Check out the Map Book Gallery to see how people in different jobs use GIS.
  • Read case studies that show how students and youth use GIS.
  • Explore various demos, literature, and books.
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