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Transportation and Logistics

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Educational Licenses

Our educational licenses offer unique programs that allow schools to acquire GIS software.

Administrative Applications

Schools are located throughout a district and student homes are scattered within a district’s boundaries. Therefore, getting students to and from these places of learning is a geographic problem. GIS can help you efficiently design, locate, deploy, and display the various components (buses, stops, routes, walk zones) of school transportation planning.

School district buildings also require supplies, maintenance, and repairs. GIS can help you save time and money by efficiently routing supply deliveries and work orders. With GIS, school and district personnel can:

  • Develop geographically-accurate walk zones.
  • Select bus stop and shelter locations.
  • Create optimized bus routes that consider road attributes.
  • Track vehicles and monitor fleet and driver performance.
  • Manage field trips and special needs routing.
  • Produce maps, driving directions, and reports.
  • Deliver instructional and operational goods.

GIS in Action

Read case studies that show how administrators use GIS for transportation and logistics.

Visit these user sites to see school district examples:

Tyler Independent School District, TX

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