Leverage location to improve managerial decisions.

Command staff need to make informed decisions. Esri gives you the ability to improve planning, reduce costs, and increase transparency. With the Esri location platform, your department can apply the power of geography to organize, visualize, and disseminate mission-critical data. Use map analytics to make informed personnel decisions and accomplish strategic planning objectives. Engage the public through a variety of citizen engagement maps and apps.



Use maps to collaborate on organizational objectives and implement strategies for CompStat reporting, officer recruitment, and more.


Monitor equipment and sensors with maps. Then view everything in a common operating picture.


Better understand problems in your community. Share information with the public through open crime maps and citizen reporting applications.


ArcGIS Platform

ArcGIS is the location platform for your law enforcement agency, enabling you to create, organize, and share information and tools with anyone. Develop intelligent online maps and useful apps that run anywhere your staff operate—on desktops, the web, smartphones, and tablets.

Learn more about the ArcGIS platform.

ArcGIS Online

Use Esri technology to make smarter, more informed decisions and plan for long-term change. ArcGIS Online gives command staff and planners the ability to make maps and perform analysis in a collaborative environment that streamlines the planning process.

Learn more about ArcGIS Online.

Esri Community Analyst

With Community Analyst, you can optimize resource allocation choices, understand the types of people impacted by policy decisions, and learn more about the demographics of high-risk communities.

Explore Esri Community Analyst.

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