Be ready for anything.

Managing special events and operations is an ever-increasing part of the law enforcement mission. Whether these events are planned or not, preparation is the key. Esri can help you plan for the worst, with spatial solutions that support initial planning, tactical operations, and final debriefing. Map staging areas, officer locations, assets, and vehicles required to accomplish the mission.



Be prepared with maps that support preplanning for special events, disaster response, and any other large-scale or tactical operations.


Gain real-time situational awareness and the ability to respond to developing incidents as they occur.


Organize, analyze, and share a timeline of events in an easy-to-understand format. Bring data and location together in a compelling narrative.


ArcGIS Platform

The ArcGIS platform supports special event operations from the initial planning stages to the operationalization of each plan. Build dynamic, real-time maps in the command post or the field, and share operational intelligence with all your stakeholders.

Learn more about the ArcGIS platform.

ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online delivers event planning information to the public in the form of web mapping applications. Get important updates to the public fast with easy-to-configure public information web app templates.

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ArcGIS for Law Enforcement

Put ArcGIS for Law Enforcement to work for your incident operations personnel. Harness incident and special-event planning templates to streamline the collection of data about hazards, equipment, supplies, and procedures. Ready-to-use mapping applications help you plan for potential incidents and manage crises.

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