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GIS Indoors

GIS technology provides the ability to accurately map, manage, and navigate your indoor facilities.

GIS Indoors addresses Esri's facility management and indoor logistics practices  across many industries including health care, higher education, finance, government and retail.

GIS for Facilities includes a comprehensive data model for indoor assets and allows organizations to accurately map and manage their facilities in 2D and 3D. Learn more.

Many industries find that using Indoor GIS for various areas of their business is resulting in benefits that increase efficiency and save money.

Some of these areas include:

  • Indoor mapping: This includes accurate floorplan mapping and 3D visualization.
  • Indoor positioning: This includes mapping points of interest and static content.
  • Indoor locating: This includes locating mobile devices and other dynamic content.
  • Indoor routing and analysis: This includes indoor routing and the management of business processes with GIS analysis tools.
  • Indoor asset tracking: This includes tracking mobile assets for dispatching and other operational efficiency purposes.

Watch this Video to learn more about location, tracking, and routing within a facility

Success Stories

See how organizations benefit from the use of indoor location analysis and GIS.

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