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Cartography Special Interest Group

The Cartography Special Interest Group (Carto SIG) is an active community of people dedicated to discussing cartography issues with Esri product teams, users, and other interested colleagues. Carto SIG meetings are held at the Esri International User Conference and we invite all interested cartographers to join us. All maps entered into the Map Gallery are eligible for the Carto SIG Map Awards and all members are eligible to serve on the map judging panel.

By joining Carto SIG, you benefit from the intellectual collaboration and personal inspiration of your peers. Work with your colleagues and Esri staff to help determine cartographic functionality in Esri software.

Regional User Groups

Consider building a Carto SIG chapter in your region to connect with other GIS users in your area. Just speak with someone in your regional office or local distributor. Find a user group here.

Imagery Special Interest Group

Learn about Esri initiatives in imagery and remote sensing at the Esri UC every year. Share your experiences with us and explain how you use imagery and other remotely sensed data in your organization. Esri staff from product management, software development, and the User Advocacy Group will be on hand. The SIG allows for open discussion about what's important to you and your organization.

Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) Special Interest Group

Come join us every year at the Esri UC to hear the latest news on Esri technologies, discuss international SDI initiatives such as INSPIRE, get answers to your questions, and meet other users working in the field of SDI.

User Discussion Forums

Visit these online forums where you can post questions and discuss projects and solutions with other users.

Online Community

Connect with your fellow community online and join the conversations.

Need More Info?

For questions regarding Carto SIG or interest in sponsoring our next meeting, please contact our industry expert.

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By joining Carto SIG, you can share map production needs, issues, and experiences.

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