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How to Use and Share Lidar with ArcGIS and Esri Cloud Technology

By attending this technical session you will be able to use Lidar to accurately estimate and share extents of different magnitude floods which are a critical application for disaster mitigation and planning. This information is needed to assess risk for insurance, emergency management, and planning.  Lastly users will learn how to share their most recent Lidar in the ArcGIS Online environment to be integrated into web maps.

3D Mapping with Lidar, Procedural Rules and Esri’s City Information Model

The Esri 3D City Information Model hands on lab will teach users the advantages of centralized database production of high resolution urban environments using Esri’s 3D Urban Information model (Esri 3D CIM).  By attending this session organizations learn the advantage of applying automation using procedural modeling and how to extend their 2D GIS over large 3D geographic regions while minimizing hand modeling of 3D environments.  These key concepts will help organizations move from older technologies that rely on hand built modeling with flat files and transition to a modern Esri geodatabase environment.

Workshop Content

Building Smart 3D Cities

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  • Steve Snow
    Map, Chart and Data Production Specialist
  • Raquel Perez
    Map, Chart and Data Production Coordinator

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