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OneGeology Geospatial Portal is the first open access portal to the geologic survey data of the world.
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Spatial Data Infrastructure Organizations

A Q&A with Dr. Anja Hopfstock, BKG, about cartographic design in the SDI environment.
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Many organizations that use GIS need to integrate data from multiple sources, organizations, and formats. A spatial data infrastructure (SDI)—which catalogs and provides access to diverse geospatial resources—extends the value and use of your GIS within the framework of standards and policies.

Creating an SDI is a collaborative venture between public and private organizations. With Esri technology built on open-standards, organizations can work together to build an SDI within their enterprises, or across local, national, and global communities. Read what management should know about creating and maintaining a geoportal [PDF].

SDI Organizations

Many SDI organizations around the world are actively contributing to global SDIs, including SDI in Europe.

Find out about the Global Map/GSDI Grant Program available to these organizations.

Framework for Building SDIs

Esri Geoportal Server provides what you need to create an SDI and geoportal.

ArcGIS for INSPIRE helps meet INSPIRE compliance in a timely manner by extending the ArcGIS software that already exists in your organization.

Improve Your Workflow


Esri technology allows you to implement an effective workflow for data collection, management, production, and delivery.


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