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Global Map/GSDI Grant Program

We invite you to join over 100 countries and international organizations, who over the past decade, have been participating in the development of a Global Spatial Data Infrastructure (GSDI) to support and encourage the open sharing of digital map data.

The Global Map/GSDI Grant Program, which provides GIS software and training, and is a valuable resource for organizations who want to participate in building a national SDI or are involved with the Global Map project.

These organizations are encouraged to request an application for the Global Map/GSDI Grant Program.

Key Organizations

The International Steering Committee for Global Mapping (ISCGM) and GSDI Association are working in close cooperation to support the development of geographic data sharing in the context of a GSDI.

The ISCGM are developing Global Map, a digital map at 1:1 million scale with eight data layers. At present, 151 nations and 16 regions are involved in Global Map.

The GSDI Association is digitally mapping the entire land area of the globe at a 1-km resolution or better, including boundaries, drainage systems, transportation networks, population centers, elevation, land cover, land use, and vegetation.

Grant Application

Request an application for the Global Map/GSDI Grant Program.

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