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ArcGIS Business Analyst

ArcGIS Business Analyst Overview

  • Map document, toolbar, and drop-down menu
  • Business Analyst wizards

Create a Study Area

  • Creating and navigating between study areas
  • Using the Jump-to tool to move between metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) and establish them as active study areas

Site Prospect—Simple Ring Analysis

  • Creating study area rings around a location using the Site Prospecting tool
  • Using the Site Prospecting wizard

Drive-Time Analysis

  • Creating trade areas around a location based on driving time to that site
  • Analyzing drive-time trade areas

Gravity Model

  • Creating a gravity model that identifies the location of potential customers based on indicators such as sales potential, customer expenditures, and shopping location attractiveness
  • Using the gravity model to help in locating a store

ArcGIS Network Analyst

ArcGIS Network Analyst Overview

  • Multimodal transportation networks and routing
  • Establishing closest facility
  • Creating driving directions

Creating Routes

  • Multiple stops
  • Time constraints
  • Barriers

Service Areas with ArcGIS Network Analyst

  • Generating service areas based on time or distance
  • Viewing detailed boundaries at the street level


Introduction to ArcLogistics

  • How ArcLogistics is used to save money and increase efficiency of local fleet delivery operations

Advanced Features of ArcLogistics

  • How ArcLogistics can flexibly make the last-minute changes in truck delivery routes and schedules required by your business

Routing in the Real World

  • How ArcLogistics supports fleet dispatchers with flexible solutions to changing conditions

Customized Functionality with Plug-ins

  • ArcLogistics extensions from Esri business partners that add special solutions to unique routing problems

Fleet Monitoring with AVL Systems

  • Using the routing power of ArcLogistics with automated vehicle location (AVL) systems to monitor fleet vehicles on assigned routes

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