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Peabody Western Coal Company uses ArcGIS technology to automate watershed erosion modeling.
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Mining companies use GIS to actively monitor the environmental impacts that may be caused by their activities. Geologists use GIS to analyze and map soils, vegetation, surface hydrology, and groundwater. Esri and its business partners actively promote sustainable development by collaborating on many GIS applications specifically designed for environmental study.

Performing advanced analysis and visualization of environmental and geologic data can be done easily and quickly using the EQuIS ArcView GIS Interface. This solution integrates several industry applications including as ArcGIS, RockWorks, EVS, and more, to produce a world-class, customizable solution for subsurface investigation and analysis.

Success Stories

These stories show how mining companies use GIS technology and spatial analysis to reclaim abandoned mine land:

More case studies, demos, and books and white papers.

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