Build your exploration portfolio value.

Transform exploration and production information into actionable intelligence. ArcGIS shows data within a geographic context so you can identify leads, opportunities, and new prospects. Weigh and analyze information at hand and develop improved investment scenarios. ArcGIS supports decision making by combining operational data with consistent, approved, systematic, and rigorous evaluation procedures. Deploy a platform and build petroleum-based web apps that are easy to use so any one can understand a play, see what needs to be done, and make quality decisions.



Amass a broad array of data quickly and see it on a map. Integrate geological maps such as folds and faults, satellite imagery, and lead maps, to identify the best prospect to find oil.


GIS appreciates returns. Use GIS to build a prospect portfolio that contains reserves analysis and mapping, exploration prospects, risk assessment, and economic assessment.


It’s easy to share GIS maps with team members. Upload maps to the enterprise GIS platform and invite members to access them.



Your regional exploration might include literature studies, geophysical methods, geological fieldwork, and basin and play modeling. ArcGIS is a very flexible, integrative platform that helps you do this work better. Perform spatial analysis and share maps, ideas, and concepts with colleagues.

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ArcGIS for Server

Extend the power of GIS across the company. Build a secure cloud GIS platform inside your company. Make internal data available to staff and contractors. Build analytic tools into your web applications and use them on any device. Perform advanced raster data analysis and surface generation on the fly.

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ArcGIS Spatial Analyst

Make intelligent decisions about E & P. ArcGIS Spatial Analyst provides tools for analytics. Perform complex suitability modeling, distance and direction calculations, hydrologic modeling, and more. Integrate data with ArcGIS 3D Analyst for 3D visualization and ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst.

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