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Tom CoolidgeThese are exciting days for pipeline GIS. It is also a perfect time to launch this pipelines newsletter -- a place to share news and views among pipeline professionals worldwide. This newsletter will explore the ways we use GIS technology to meet business challenges and seize business opportunities.

Esri offers pipeline operators an unprecedented spatial platform that includes leading technology, content, and expertise. The magnitude and rate of change in GIS have never been greater or more significant. Hopefully, you have seen some or all of the advances introduced in the last half-year. Better yet, some of you have had an opportunity to put new technology to good use. Stay tuned. There is much more to come. The latest advances to ArcGIS 10.2, which will be released prior to this year's Esri International User Conference, were previewed to partners and industry developers. ArcGIS has evolved into a platform that supports everyone, every task, everywhere.

At Esri, I have been in the role of pipeline and gas utility industry manager for several months. During that time, I have had the occasion to travel extensively and meet many of you in various industry gatherings, user groups, and site visits. Your work is amazing, and I can tell you that Esri is pleased and privileged to be a part of it. Thank you for your business.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at your convenience.

Tom Coolidge

Bolivian Pipeline Company Expands into Mobile Asset Management

Bolivia Bolivia's major hydrocarbon transportation company, YPFBT, moved from CAD to an interactive, GIS-based mapping system. With this, the company was able to better meet the increasing requirements for data maintenance, mapping and reporting, and integrity management. Read More »

ELA in Colombia Grows GIS for Petroleum and Pipeline

Ecopetrol continues to grow, producing more than 60 percent of Colombia's domestic oil and providing the largest part of the network of oil pipelines and multiuse pipelines in the country. The company signed an enterprise license agreement (ELA) with Esri to help expand its GIS capabilities. Read More »

Sensors to Service

ArcGIS provides users with exciting new capabilities to incorporate real-time information into decision making. ArcGIS users can manage the flow of real-time data, collect data streams from sensors, process and analyze this data in real time to determine the course of action, and share relevant information with others. Read More »

Embedding Esri Feature Service Attachments in SSRS Reports

Esri partner Eagle Information Mapping Inc. works to show many different ways pipeline professionals can collect and consume data. Recently the technical team at Eagle showed how simple it is to embed a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report into a data collection workflow.
Read More »

GIS Brings Safety to California

In reaction to recent events and new legislation, Esri partner Coler & Colantonio, Inc., worked with PG&E to develop GIS technology that will increase the safety of pipeline networks around the world. This industry-leading development work led to the creation of the Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) calculator and the project reported in the Wall Street Journal. Read More »