Reduce risks with a bigger picture

Managing physical assets in your limited land and space is crucial to sustaining your core port functions. Understand assets from utility lines to cranes. Maximize the use of your asset investments and resources by gaining detailed awareness of current conditions and lifecycle predictions. The Esri platform helps you coordinate asset positions, run effective lifecycle cost analyses, and inform stakeholders to make their strongest decisions.

"Esri opens access to asset information through simple pop-up windows, giving the port a much more sensible and immediate system for port management."

Erwin Rademaker, Program Manager, Port of Rotterdam



Understand the location and condition of all your valuable assets.


Increase asset performance when you can see not only asset conditions but also deterioration patterns and risks.


Prioritize maintenance and rehabilitation based on key environmental and economic factors.


ArcGIS for Maritime

Realize the value of your data. Get a comprehensive view of your bathymetric data with ArcGIS for Maritime. You can store data once and reuse it many times. Moreover, you’ll unlock your data from stovepipe systems to realize its full value.

Gain a deeper understanding of your maritime data.

ArcGIS for Mobile

Your field workers and maintenance crews can take asset information with them—with Esri. Get a proven mobile suite of no-code applications, web maps, and templates, so your crews can have an easier, more intuitive time performing inspections and validating asset conditions. Your latest asset data will live in your database, not in paper field notes.

Explore ArcGIS for Mobile.

ArcGIS Platform

Understand the state of your assets and manage risks with real-time spatial awareness. Esri helps you identify needs and prioritize improvements and repairs. The full technology offers functions for integrating, visualizing, analyzing, and communicating for greater overall collaboration. So you strengthen and streamline asset management.

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