City of Las Vegas Implements ParkPAD for Mobile Asset Management

Las Vegas, Nevada, improved its park asset management with geospatial technology. Geospatial intelligence strengthened the city's capability to collect and manage park assets, saving them time and money. Read more

Clean Sweep

To better manage, monitor, and route its large fleets, the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation Solid Resources Collection Division thoroughly integrated Esri technology into its operations. Read more

Collierville Tennessee Modernizes its GIS

Using Esri software, Collierville, Tennessee upgraded its ditch maintenance inventory management system to include real-time data collection and monitoring. Read more

Model Predictions: GIS Helps Public Works Manage Assets

An increasing number of local governments have recognized the advantage of including GIS technology in their predictive modeling processes. Esri’s David Totman explains how geospatial intelligence eases asset management. Read more

Mapping Civic Sprinkler Metrics

Fontana, California, gained control of its turf irrigation output during a wicked drought by mapping its sprinkler metrics. Read more

Mosquito Abatement Expressed in Real Time

The city of Fort Collins, Colorado, used Esri software to serve information on its mosquito-spraying operation in real time on the web. Read more

Seeing the Signs

GIS is the perfect platform for managing assets such as street signage. Read how Glendale used map-based sign management to organize and display sign information easily. Read more

Snowplow Management Made Easier

The harsh Michigan winters are easier to endure with a sensible snowplow management system. GIS allows Saginaw, Michigan’s public works department to serve critical road-clearing information to the public in real time. Read more

O'Fallon, Missouri, Tracks Sanitation Payers

O'Fallon, Missouri recovers lost revenue and improves customer service by saying goodbye to their paper-based system and implementing the ArcGIS Platform. Read more