GIS for Public Works

Public Works Information System

Read Building a Public Works Information System [PDF].

A public works information system based on ArcGIS for Server streamlines workflows by connecting all facets of an organization. A centralized, server-based GIS can house many applications such as asset, pavement, and work order management; routing; traffic analysis; and accounting. Sharing data throughout your organization saves time and money while increasing efficiency and productivity.

A public works information system supports
  • Decision making
  • Business systems
  • Disaster response time
  • Return on investment
  • Internal and external database integration including CAD data
  • Data accuracy, accessibility, and integrity

Mobile GIS for Field Staff

ArcGIS for Server is a scalable and customizable Web-based GIS that allows organizations of all sizes to build systems to suit their needs. In the field, staff using mobile GIS technology can access a centralized database to download or upload information that can be available to others in near real time.

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