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Salt Lake City, Utah

ArcGIS Platform Essential in Public Utilities—Salt Lake City, Utah
The Department of Public Utilities in Salt Lake City, Utah has implemented an ArcGIS platform that is fundamental to all of the work it performs; from data collection in the field to customer service response and much more.
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Volusia County Mosquito Control

Volusia County Mosquito Control - Volusia County, Florida
In Volusia County, GIS use is central to vector control workers responsible for implementing the mosquito abatement program. ArcGIS is used to record requests from the general public and develop precise plans for spraying so that problem areas aren’t over or under sprayed.
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El Paso, Texas

El Paso Department of Transportation (EPDoT) - City of El Paso, Texas
The City of El Paso’s Department of Transportation is currently involved in a Capital Improvement Program for road resurfacing and road reconstruction that is valued at 132 million dollars. ArcGIS is used to prioritize and manage the program.
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Niagra Region

Niagara Region, Canada
The enterprise approach of GIS at the Region of Niagara touches virtually every department. Their 10 Year Capital Forecast project for Public Works is a solution that aggregates data and provides analysis tools that are accessible by many people.
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City of Loveland, Colorado

City of Loveland, Colorado
Loveland's full-service, enterprise GIS supports a wide range of municipal operations. Its public works department continues to find new uses of the technology.
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City of Corpus Christi, Texas

City of Corpus Christi, Texas
The City of Corpus Christi has implemented an enterprise GIS to better serve the community. The City uses GIS to increase productivity and collaboration between multiple departments, which reduces costs and increases community satisfaction.
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