Greater awareness for greater asset performance.

You need better information to manage physical assets and promote rail and infrastructure integrity. With the Esri platform, you can check signaling systems, wayside assets, and more to improve safety and operational performance. Share asset intelligence across your organization to arrive at a common understanding of problems— and solutions.

"That first Esri map showed the potential of a comprehensive view. We could toggle layers on and off, according to the needs of every department."

Travis Engstrom, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Bay Area Rapid Transit



Use a comprehensive GIS platform to know the location of your assets anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Explore deterioration patterns and assess risks. Analytical tools in ArcGIS help you increase asset performance.


Proactive infrastructure preparation helps you prioritize maintenance and rehabilitation, so you meet key performance indicators.


ArcGIS Schematics

Automate infrastructure management tasks with ArcGIS Schematics. Visualize virtually any linear, physical, or logistical network, whether social or economic. Explore a simplified view of your network to improve operations and make better decisions. ArcGIS Schematics helps you represent your geodatabase easily, so everyone has greater access to actionable intelligence.

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ArcGIS for Windows Mobile

Empower field and maintenance crews to take up-to-the-minute asset information with them— with Esri. Get a proven mobile suite of no-code applications, web maps, and templates that make rail inspections and condition validations timely and more accurate. Get rid of legacy workflows, so your cars run on schedule, every time.

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ArcGIS Platform

Understand asset conditions in real time and monitor risk with spatial intelligence. The ArcGIS platform helps you identify infrastructure needs and prioritize improvements and repairs. Integrate all asset systems, visualize spatial trends, and analyze intelligence. Then, you can communicate your findings across your rail departments for stronger, more streamlined internal collaboration.

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