Protect infrastructure, passengers, and cargo.

Whether you protect passengers, infrastructure, or both, Esri lets you build a common operational view for real-time decision making. Connect your field security personnel to your central command center through monitors, sensors, and cameras that display information on easy-to-read maps. When you know more, faster, you can respond more effectively.

"ArcGIS is one more tool to help us reach our goal of zero fatalities."

Joseph Szabo, Federal Railroad Administration Administrator



Get real-time intelligence about your railway with a map-based operational picture. Customize your view based on your role.


Gain instantaneous access to information when you need it most. Esri maps provide live data about resources and incidents.


Protect your passengers and critical infrastructure by sharing secured information across agencies and departments.


ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server

GeoEvent Extension constantly interprets real-time data from unlimited inputs and pushes important summaries to your mobile device. It’s your eyes and ears when you can’t be watching 24/7. That way, when you need to be watching an event unfold, you’ll know.

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ArcGIS Platform

Security starts with integrated information. Add value to your systems when you visualize all critical information in a glance. Quickly track related events, such as derailments and communicate all your important developments in real time. Build your organization’s common understanding of security when you operate on Esri’s proven spatial platform.

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ArcGIS for Windows Mobile

Empower your security forces to have instant access to information they need. Esri can put your critical data securely on any device with no-code apps, web maps, and templates, so your security personnel can share information fast, thanks to a common operating picture—one that’s available in real time, any time.

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