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The planning of a survey project has a number of unique requirements depending on its area, purpose, and overall goal. GIS technology helps fulfill these demands by facilitating traditional tasks more efficiently and easily accomplishing new tasks that were previously impractical or impossible.

Equipped with GIS tools, surveyors can quickly determine environmentally sensitive areas, local control, road networks, previously established boundaries, zoning, permit status, and other critical information. These enhanced capabilities eliminate redundant efforts and promote coordination with other planning and government agencies.

GIS benefits for survey planning
  • Automate tasks to increase efficiency and save money.
  • Plan effectively for site location.
  • Access vast amounts of publicly available geospatial data.
  • Provide decision support.
  • View historic data.
  • Integrate survey projects in a single database.

Success Stories

These stories show how companies involved with surveying gain benefits from the use of geographic analysis and GIS.

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