GIS for Telecommunications

Esri Business Analyst

Esri Business Analyst
Esri Business Analyst helps you analyze area revenue potential for network expansion.

Business Analyst for Telecom

Business Analyst helps you analyze your telecom market.

    Esri Business Analyst for Telecommunicaitons [PDF]

Esri Business Analyst provides tools, wizards, and data that help you understand your market, competition, and customers. You can combine GIS technology and data targeted for telecom organizations with your local expertise to optimize a network expansion.

Business Analyst can help you increase revenue, by reducing churn and attracting new long-term prospects. With GIS, you can identify and map hot spots by sector and identify competitor activity. This information lets you create targeted retention programs that increase customer loyalty.

You can also use Business Analyst to evaluate campaign effectiveness based on increased revenue, new connects, and other parameters that you define. You can share results and data among marketing, sales, customer service, and engineering departments to improve communication and coordination.

Esri Business Analyst integrates telecom data with your own data to help you

  • Analyze your competition.
  • Plan network expansions to maximize commercial revenue.
  • Increase your residential customer base.
  • Maximize ROI on new service rollouts.
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