GIS for Telecommunications

Esri Telecommunications User Group Meetings

The first Esri Telecommunications User Group (TelUG) Meeting was in January 2011. Since then TelUG meets twice a year. The first meeting is held in the winter. The winter meeting is two days and the location varies from year to year. The second meeting is in July. This meeting takes place in San Diego during the Esri International User Conference.

The TelUG meetings provide an opportunity to meet with your fellow telecommunications service companies and GIS experts. Attending a TelUG meeting is a great way to increase your geospatial knowledge or to share what you know.

Upcoming Meetings

2014 – Oct, Madison, WI Esri TelUG Meeting

Previous Meetings

2014—July, San Diego, CA

2013—July, San Diego, CA

2013—February, Grapevine, TX

2012—July, San Diego, CA

2012—March, Charleston, SC

2011—July, San Diego, CA

2011—January, Redlands, CA

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